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Google use backlinks as it's number 1 ranking factor. The best links are in-content, do-follow contextual links placed on blogs or news sites. With our blogger outreach service, we:

1. Find valuable, relatable blogs with real traffic and quality metrics
2. Write an original, organic article including a do-follow link to your site
3. Negotiate and secure placement of the article with blog owners

The number of links required to rank number 1 in google depends on the number of quality links the existing top ranking site has. 

We have a team of first-language English speaking writers. When you place an order they'll research your site and your industry, do some brainstorming to come up with ideas for articles relating to your company and write an original post including stock images.

We use Ahrefs and Moz metrics to help determine how valuable the blogs we're posting on are.

We guarantee placements last at least one year, but your link will most likely stay live for many years. We negotiate do-follow link placements on a permanent basis with bloggers.

We focus on English language blogs only. These are usually sites from the USA, UK and perhaps Australia or Canada if this is where you or your clients business is based.

We've been doing this for many years and we've come to understand the indicators of trust and what makes a site genuine. Many blogger outreach services provide low quality links on spammy blog network sites that not only won't help you rank but could get you penalised!

We only work with genuine blogs with genuine traffic and real articles to ensure that even in the event of a manual review, your clients' sites will not only survive but grow. 

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